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The power of a one-page report

A3 Reports are one-page reports used for documenting the necessary information needed for progress reporting and decision-making. The power of A3 comes from its simplicity - quickly able to communicate information to its stakeholders to ensure adequate communication and buy-in on initiatives.

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What is TAKT time?

TAKT time is an important design parameter in lean. In this module, we cover a brief overview of what is TAKT time and how to calculate and use this in your lean journey.

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Is my equipment performing effectively?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a powerful Lean metric that not only tells us how an equipment has been performing but it also provides important clues on what actions we need to take to improve its effectiveness.

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Workload Balancing

In a multi-step process where material and/or information flows from one step to the next, it is critical that the workload at each of the steps is balanced otherwise the work will get stuck in the process and lead to huge work-in-process inventories and increased lead time. Not only is the customer of the process unhappy but the employees working on the process step that is overloaded not happy as well. Hence, workload balance is critical to ensure that we have a good process capable of meeting customer needs.

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Importance of changeover reduction

Changeover time reduction is an important enabler for Lean as it results in a host of other benefits. In this module, we will cover the what, why, and how of changeover reduction.

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