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Sigma Magic Help Version 15



You can use the Print menu to print the worksheets in the Excel workbook. The print menu can be found within the Manage Files section of the main menu. Main Menu


You could print either one worksheet or all the worksheets in a given workbook. A sample screenshot of the Print dialog box is shown below. Print Input
Select Printer: You can select the printer that you want to use for printing the help file. Note that you can also use the printer to save to file rather than a printer.
What to Print: Specify what needs to be printed. Most common would be the selection or the work area that contains the notes and graphs for your analysis.
OK Button: Click on the OK button to print this document or click on Cancel to cancel the print request. You may want to click on the Preview button before you send the print job.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions on this module, please contact technical support.
How do I change the area selected for printing?

By default, the Print functionality uses the defaults specified in the Sigma Magic user data. Some of the Sigma Magic analysis may automatically try to determine the print area. However, what the software determines may not really meet your needs. You could manually redefine the print area using Excel functions or change the options within the Sigma Magic User data options to specify the print area.

I get an error message when I try to print.

The Print functionality requires that there is at least one printer specified in your computer. If your computer has no printers defined, you will get an error message when you try to print. First, install a printer and then try to use this functionality. Refer to your computer's documentation on how to add printers.