Help Manual


Sigma Magic Help Version 15


This help file contains topics related to the Sigma Magic software. There are five main sections as listed below:
Main Menu


The Introduction contains information about downloading and installing the software, obtaining the license key and using the help file.


The Project section contains information about creating a new project, opening an existing project, saving your work, editing the header for your project, specifying the data for your analysis, and viewing a summary of all completed analyses. It also contains a tool wizard that helps you add the required analysis to your workbook.


The Analysis section allows you to specify the analysis options and generate analysis results. You can also rename a completed analysis, delete an analysis that you no longer need, and duplicate an analysis to perform what-if studies.


The Miscellaneous section contains information about how to obtain the current version of the software, check and/or specify the license key for your software, specify generic analysis options, open and view examples, export analysis to PowerPoint, view help and provide feedback on the software.