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An error dialog box is displayed when Sigma Magic encounters an issue with executing the program. Two types of situations can result in this dialog box: warnings and errors.


A warning message is a non-fatal instruction that is encountered as part of the execution. For example, a warning message may be when Sigma Magic is looking for integers in input data while it encounters a non-integer like a floating-point number or a text input. In this situation, a warning message is displayed. You will have to correct the offending data/text to continue with the execution. An example warning message is shown in the image below. warning
What: This displays the error number that was encountered.
Where: The name of the worksheet that the user is currently working on. The name of the module that caused this error along with the line number where the error occurred. If the procedure is nested within another procedure, both the procedure names are listed here.
Who: The version of the Sigma Magic software and/or the R software that is currently being used by the user. The version of the user's operating system and the version of the Excel software being used by the user.
When: The date and time that this error occurred. The date is listed in yyyy-mm-dd format.
Why: The error dialog shows the issue that was encountered. In this example, the user tried to compute the outputs on a sheet that was not created by Sigma Magic software. As a result, the software does not know exactly how to compute the outputs.
Resolution: In some cases, a possible resolution is displayed along with the error message. This message provides pointers on the action the user can take to fix the issue encountered. In this example, the software is asking the user to add a tool and then perform the requested action.
Help Button: If you want additional help on this error, you can click on the Help icon to see if there is any more information about this error.
Close Button: Once you are done investigating the error, you can click on the Close button to exit this message. Note that this dialog box does not have a mechanism to submit the error for resolution to the company since the cause of the error is known.


An error message occurs when Sigma Magic encounters an unhandled instruction during execution and cannot continue with the execution. For example, a division by zero is encountered or Microsoft Excel is unable to implement the action submitted by Sigma Magic. These types of messages can occur due to differences between the versions of the Operating System, Excel, and the individual user settings like the region code, language, etc. In some cases, these errors may be transitory, and the same error may not occur if the action is repeated. In other cases, the errors may be addressed by uninstalling some third-party software like Solver, etc. error
Submit Error: Note that for unhandled errors, you can submit the error message to the company for resolution. Note that submission of errors to the company requires that the user be registered and have a valid email address so that the company can respond to any email messages sent by the user. Any errors submitted to us will be looked into and fixed within 1-3 working days for the latest version of the software if the errors can be replicated on our systems. If the errors cannot be replicated on our systems, then the company may get in touch with you for additional details/support. It helps to email the Excel worksheet that is causing the problem to the company to help us troubleshoot and fix this problem for you. Note, that no user data is transmitted to the company when you submit the error message to us. Only the information shown on the details page along with your machine key is sent to us.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please contact technical support.
Why I cannot submit a warning message to the company?

Warning messages are obtained usually as a result of the user not entering the data correctly for a given situation and it is not the fault of the Sigma Magic software program. In these cases, the user has to correct the issue reported and the warning message should get resolved by itself. No intervention from the company is required. An error message may require a change in the software program and hence should always be reported to the company.

I get an error in the analytics tools that uses the R software. How to resolve this?

R Software is free software that is developed by 100's of developers across the world and Sigma Magic does not have any control over the software stability or accuracy of the results. If you are facing problems with the R software, you may want to check their main website if there are any patches released for your version of the software or if you have the latest version of the software installed on your computer. If you are still unable to resolve this issue, please contact Sigma Magic technical support.

Is the data I submit to the company for troubleshooting the error secure?

Rapid Sigma Solutions has a strong privacy policy and will not disclose or use the information you have submitted in anyway. The files you submit will strictly be used to resolve the issue you are having and any resolution to the problem is communicated to you. Once the issue is resolved, the data files are deleted.