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Sigma Magic Help Version 15

Export PPT


You can use the Export button to export the information in the currently active Excel workbook to PowerPoint. Main Menu


Export can be used to export all the worksheets in the Excel workbook into a PowerPoint (PPT) file. The Export functionality will only export the worksheets that were created by Sigma Magic software; all other sheets that may be in the workbook are skipped. The exported file can then be used to make presentations on the status of the project to others. The Export functionality copies the analysis results box and graph(s) if applicable or the entire print area of the worksheet. An example PowerPoint tool is shown below. You can specify what you want to export by changing the options menu. Export Example The Export menu will use a default template (Sigma Magic PPT Template.pot) as the slide master. This template is located in the default installation directory. You can edit this template to suit your presentation needs. If this template is missing, then no slide master is used, and the slide background is blank. A template would have to be manually added later.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions on this module, please contact technical support.
Is there a linkage between Excel and PPT? If Excel changes, will PPT also change?

No, the export from Excel into PPT is based on images. An image is created and exported into the PPT. So, unless the file is re-created, the PPT file will not change. If you make any changes to the Excel file, delete any previously exported files and re-export the files once again.

How is the order of the pages decided for the PowerPoint file?

The order of the pages in the PowerPoint file follows the same order in which you created the tools. So, the first tool you used will be slide 1; the second tool you used would be slide 2, and so on.

How do I control the fonts & colors in the PowerPoint file?

Sigma Magic does not set these variables - it uses the default settings for your PowerPoint application or as defined within the template. You can change the default settings within PowerPoint, apply a template, or modify the slide Master within the Power Point file.

Why are my images not scaled properly when I export to a Power Point file?

If you have connected your computer to an external display monitor, it has been observed that there is some bug in the connection between Excel and PowerPoint and the image sizes are not correct. The only resolution at this point is to disconnect the external monitor when you export to create a PowerPoint file from Excel.