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Sigma Magic Help Version 15

Project Charter


Project Charter tool can be used to document a Project Charter. It has six main elements - Business Case, Problem Statement, Goal Statement, Scope, Team Members, and Timeline.

This tool can be added to your active workbook by clicking on Project and then selecting Project Charter.


Click on Analysis Setup to open the menu options for this tool.


A sample screenshot of the setup menu is shown below.
Input Dialog Box
Checklist: The input dialog box contains a checklist that you can use to ensure the project charter document has been created properly. Click on the blue text to toggle the setting to respond to the question.
View Example: Click on this button to open the example file. You can view the example to get an idea of how to fill out this tool or you can use the example as a starting point and modify it to meet your project needs.
Help Button: Click on this button to open the help file for this topic.
Cancel Button: Click on this button to cancel all changes to the settings and exit this dialog box.
OK Button: Click on this button to save all changes and compute the outputs for this analysis.


Enter the following details in the worksheet:
  • Enter a brief one-line title for the project.
  • Describe the business case. The business case highlights why management should support this project.
  • Describe the problem/opportunity statement. This statement gives a brief background of the problem and quantifies the pain area - where does the problem occur, when does it occur, how much, etc.
  • Describe the goal statement. This statement gives the objective or target of this project. Make sure that the target is SMART - Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.
  • Describe the project scope. Specifically, what is included and what is not for this project.
  • Describe the team members. Identify all the stakeholders who have a role to play in this project.
  • Describe the project timeline. For each phase of the project, identify when this project will be completed.
  • Finally, get this project reviewed and approved by your sponsor or a key stakeholder.


If you click on the Checklist button, you will see the following dialog box. Checklist The checklist contains a few pointers on things you need to pay particular attention to while performing this analysis. The checklist has been derived from experience working on past projects. Not all the checklist items need to apply to you. However, you should carefully review the checklist and apply any recommendations that make sense for your project. Make sure to read each checklist item and mark it as completed after you have read and taken actions as appropriate for your project.


If you click on the Verify button, the software will perform some checks on the data you have entered. A sample screenshot of the dialog box is shown in the figure below. Verify The objective of this analysis as well as any checks that are performed is listed in this dialog box. For example, the software may check if you have correctly specified the input options and entered the required data on the worksheet. The results of the analysis checks are listed on the right. If the checks are passed, then they are shown as a green-colored checkmark. If the verification checks fail, then they are shown as a red-colored cross. If the verification checks result in a warning, they are shown in the orange color exclamation mark and finally, any checks that are required to be performed by the user are shown as blue info icons.


Click on Compute Outputs to generate the outputs and update the worksheet. A sample screenshot of the worksheet is shown below. Project Charter Example If you answer all the questions in the dialog box when you click on Analysis Setup, the results are displayed in the Conclusion box. If everything is okay, then it reports the Project Charter is okay, otherwise, it reports that the Project Charter has issues that need to be addressed.