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Sigma Magic Help Version 15



This button is used to save currently active workbooks in Excel. You can find the Save button within the Setup section of the main menu, as shown below. Main Menu


Sigma Magic will try to determine which version of the Microsoft Excel file you are using and then save it accordingly. It is recommended that you save the workbook into a *.xlsx format.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions on this module, please contact technical support.
What is the shortcut on the keyboard to save the workbook?

You may also use the Excel native functionality to save your workbook or type both ctrland s together to save your workbook.

Will the save functionality save all the macros in this tool?

If you save the worksheet in either the newer .xlsm format, the macros will be saved. Otherwise the macros will not be saved.

If I pass this tool to others, will they be able to update calculations?

No, unless they have Sigma Magic software installed on their computers, they will not be able to re-compute the outputs. They can manually edit this sheet as it is an ordinary Excel spreadsheet.