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Analysis Setup


Analysis Setup can be used to properly format the input worksheet and also specify the required inputs for the analysis. The Analysis Setup can be accessed by clicking on the Analysis Setup button in the Active Worksheet menu located on the main screen or by clicking on the F2 key. The figure below shows a typical screenshot of the Analysis Setup menu. Main Menu


Analysis Setup is used to set up the analysis for your specific project needs. For example, the control charts tool can be used for more than 20 different analyses. Depending on your needs, you can specify what is the exact analysis you want to perform using Analysis Setup. Some portions of the Analysis Setup are used to specify the type of data you have. This may result in the re-formatting of the worksheet to better meet your needs.

An example screenshot is shown below. Once you specify all the required options and any data for analysis you can click on the OK button to generate analysis results. Data Entry
Other portions of the Analysis Setup are used to specify the data required for your analysis. For example, if you are analyzing process capability, you need to specify the specification limits LSL and/or USL in the analysis setup. There may be other data that does not fit in the Analysis Setup options that may need to be entered on the worksheet in the Inputs Area.

Do note that the analysis setup values are saved on your worksheet and the next time you re-open the Analysis Setup, you will find your old settings on this page. If you are interested in performing a What-If analysis then you can make changes to the data contained either in the Analysis Setup or your worksheet and then click on Compute Outputs.

If there are any errors in the data entered on Analysis Setup, the corresponding label may be marked in red color. You will need to fix your input errors before you can perform the analysis. Some checks happen for your inputs when you click on OK within Analysis Setup. A warning message may be reported and you will not be able to continue with the analysis until you fix the erroneous inputs.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions on this module, please contact technical support.
I get an error message when I click on the Analysis Setup?

Not all worksheets have input action defined for them. Especially, if the worksheet was not developed by Sigma Magic software.