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Sigma Magic Help Version 15

Tool Wizard


The Tool Wizard menu can be used to guide the user to determine the best possible analysis to use depending on the unique requirements for the user. A graphical user interface is presented that can assist the user to pick the best analysis.

The Tool Wizard menu can be opened by clicking on the Tool Wizard button in the Analysis menu located on the main screen. Main Menu


Click on the Tool Wizard button in the main menu to open the dialog box. A sample screenshot of the dialog box is shown below. Wizard Dialog
Topic Areas: Click on the topic area to open the next level of graphical display of menus on the screen. Follow the flowchart to pick the best analysis for your particular situation. When you click on the leaf or the tool that is displayed, the corresponding tool is added to your workbook. Note that the topic areas are divided into six categories: Analytics, Change, Graph, Lean, Project, and Stats.
Methodology Pages: Click on the list of available methodologies to only see those most commonly used tools related to these methodologies. Note that not all tool are listed here. You can always navigate to the all tools section to pick other tools of interest for your project.
Search Tools: You can search for specific tools by entering the search parameters in this box. You will need to type at least 2 characters to initiate the search. The search will look for keywords and try to find the closest match within the list of available tools. You can also search for each category here. For example, if you type in Graph, then all tools related to the Graph section are shown in the list.
Starred Tools: You can assign certain tools as starred tools so that you can easily find them on the main screen under All Tools. To star a tool, right mouse click on a tool that you interested in and click on the Star button. To remove the star, just click on the tool and use the right mouse button to unstar the tool. All starred tools will show up in this section.
Wizard Dialog 2
Add Tool: You can left click on this button to add the recommended tool to your active workbook. Note that you can always delete this worksheet later if you are not interested in this tool. If you click on the right mouse button, then you can add a star for the tool and look at the help for this topic.
Expand Topic: Click on the Expand topic to see the next level of details for this flowchart.
Close Button: You can click on the close button to close the wizard.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please contact technical support.
Can we change the order of the tools or the graphical breakdown shown?

At this point in time, this is not user programmable. If you would like to see changes to the flow, you will need to contact the helpdesk.