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Sigma Magic Help Version 17



The About menu briefly describes the software and displays the current version of the software installed on your computer.

The About dialog box can be opened by clicking the About button in the Miscellaneous menu on the main screen. main menu

About box

Below is a sample screenshot of the overview dialog box. Click the Overview button on the right to open the software's overview. about
Tabs: Three tabs on the right can help you move between the Overview, Software Versions, and Contact Us pages.
Help Button: Click on the help button to view the help file associated with this page.
Close Button: Click on Close to exit the dialog box.
If you click on the Software button on the right, the version of the software installed will be displayed. A sample screenshot of the Software dialog box is shown below. about 2
Sigma Magic Version: This displays the version of the Sigma Magic software installed on your computer. If the version is meant for debug release, it will contain the letter D next to the version number.
RSoftware Version: This displays the version of the R software installed on your computer. Note that the R software is required for the Analytics modules. Note that you may have multiple versions of the R software installed on your computer. The version of the R software listed here depends on which R script bin file you have specified in the Options settings.
Excel Version: This displays the Excel version of the software you are currently using.
Windows OS: This displays the Windows Operating System you are currently using on your computer.
Install Folder: This displays the directory where the software has been installed on your computer. If the software was installed with Admin privileges, it will probably be in the C:\Program Files\ directory. Otherwise, it may be in the C:\Users\ directory under the current user name.
Check Updates: Click on this button to check if you have a newer version of the software that you can download to your computer.
You can click on Check Updates to see if you have the latest version of the software installed on your computer. If you have the latest version, no action is required. Otherwise, the software will ask you if you want to download and update to the latest version. The figure below shows a sample screenshot of the update screen. It shows the current software version installed on your computer, the version available on the server, and the action, if any, you would have to take. You can install the update or skip it. It is always recommended that you upgrade your software to the latest version. Check Updates
Note that Internet access is required to check for updates from our server and to download the latest version. A sample screenshot of the Contact Us dialog box is shown below. about 3
You can use these details to contact us if you have any questions/concerns regarding this software.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.

What if I do not have the latest version?
You can download and install any new software version directly from our website or using License Manager. It is safer to update your software from your license manager since it also checks if your license key is compatible with the newer version of the software. If you download the software directly from our website, ensure your license supports that software version.
How do I update the Sigma Magic software version?

If you click on Check Updates and find that a later version of the software is available, you can download that version and run the Setup file. It will replace your existing version of the software. You will have to close and re-open Excel, and the new version of the software will be now available.

Why does the dialog box not open when I click on the About button?
If no dialog box opens when you click the About button, then the Excel software may be blocking the opening of this package. You may need to notify Excel that the software installation folder is a trusted location for this software to work correctly. Please get in touch with the help desk if you face any problems activating the software.