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Compute Outputs


Compute Outputs can be used to update the output calculations on the worksheet. Compute Outputs can be accessed by clicking on the Compute Outputs button in the Active Worksheet menu on the main screen or by clicking the F3 key. The figure below shows the screenshot of the Active Worksheet toolbar.
main menu


The Compute Outputs button does all the required calculations, updates the text and graph outputs, and displays conclusions, if any. Use it whenever you have changed the data on your worksheet and want to update the results displayed on the worksheet.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.

I do not see any changes when I click the Compute Outputs button.
Check the date/time field to see if the date has been updated. If the date has been updated, then the calculations have been completed. The Excel worksheet update has been turned off, so you may not notice changes to the worksheet unless all the calculations are completed. If the text output and figures are the same, you will not notice any change in the output area. The software does not append the calculations below the old ones but replaces any calculations already made earlier with new values, if any.
Why must we click the Compute Output button? Why can't Sigma Magic do this automatically?
If no worksheet input data is required, then the computations are done automatically for you. However, if any worksheet data is required, Sigma Magic does not know if you have completed entering/changing the input data cells. Hence, you must manually click the Compute Outputs button after entering all the required data.
Do I have to click on Compute Output for all tools?
You do not need to click Compute Outputs if no calculations are required. However, there is no harm if you click on Compute Outputs. You may also want to look at the Conclusion box, which sometimes indicates that it expects you to click on Compute Output after entering the data.
Is there any way to undo after I click on Compute Outputs?
Once Compute Outputs is clicked, the text output and graph are updated based on your changes to the input data. There is no way to get the old graph backā€”the back button does not work here! One option is to replace the data you have changed with the old data set, and the graph will probably change back to the one you had earlier. Another option is to create a new worksheet tool for different data sets so you can retain the old worksheet graphs (if required).

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