Help Manual


Sigma Magic Help Version 17


This help file contains topics related to the Sigma Magic software. There are five main sections as listed below:
Main Menu


The Introduction contains information about downloading and installing the software, obtaining the license key, and using the help file.


The Project section contains information about creating a new project, opening an existing project, saving your work, exporting your project to either a PDF or a PPT file, editing the header details for your project, specifying the data for your analysis, and viewing a summary of all completed analyses.


The Miscellaneous section contains information about how to obtain the current version of the software, manage the license for your software, specify generic analysis options, view help, and the e-learning website, and provide feedback on the software.


The Analysis section allows you to add the tool you want to perform to your workbook using the tool wizard, specify the analysis options and settings, and generate analysis results. You can also rename a completed analysis, delete an analysis that you no longer need, and duplicate an analysis to perform what-if studies.