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Delete Worksheet


The Delete button can delete an existing analysis in the workbook. Click on the Delete button within the Analysis menu on the main menu bar. Main Menu


You can use the Delete button to delete an existing analysis. This will remove the currently active worksheet from your workbook. Note that once an analysis is deleted, you cannot use Ctrl-Z to return it. The analysis is gone for good! If you need to keep the analysis, don't delete it.

Only delete those worksheets that you no longer need.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please contact technical support.
Do I have to use "Delete" to delete a worksheet?
This is just one feature to help you delete an unneeded worksheet. Of course, there are other ways of solving the same problem, and you don't necessarily have to use this approach.
Will deleting a tab make any changes to the other worksheets?
If the worksheet you delete has data and other worksheets refer to that data, you may get an error message that the data can no longer be found.
Is it different if I delete a tab by clicking the Delete button or by right-clicking and deleting it?
No, both of them are identical. The Delete button is provided to you on the main bar, and you can do this faster by using the Delete button than other ways of accomplishing the same task.

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