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Duplicate Worksheet


The duplicate button can be used to make a copy of the existing analysis and create a new worksheet with identical settings that you can use to perform a what-if analysis. Click on the Duplicate button within the Analysis menu on the main menu bar. Main Menu


You can use the Duplicate button to copy the existing analysis. This will make a replica of the currently active workbook. It will copy the analysis settings, any information specified on the worksheet, and any data you have specified for analysis.

Once you make a copy, the name of the analysis tab is modified. For example, if the original analysis is called Normality, the new worksheet is renamed Normality (2). You can always rename this worksheet to make it more descriptive.

Once you make a copy of the worksheet, you can change the input settings or data and click on Compute Outputs to update the analysis results. Once you complete the analysis, you can compare the results between Normality and Normality (2) to see the differences in the results based on the changes you have made to the settings.

You can always create a new worksheet by going through the traditional route of adding a new template using the Tool Wizard and then specifying the settings and options, but you would require several clicks to do this; clicking on the Duplicate button gets this done in one click, and this can help you increase your productivity.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please contact technical support.
Do I have to use "Duplicate" to duplicate a worksheet?
This is just one feature that will allow you to perform what-if analysis. Of course, there are other ways of solving the same problem, and you don't necessarily have to use this approach.
Will duplicating a tab change the original worksheet?
No changes are made to the original worksheet. Only a copy of its contents is taken to make the new worksheet. You can safely delete the old or the new worksheet after the duplicate, but they are not connected.
Is there a difference if I duplicate a tab by clicking the Duplicate button or by right-clicking and copying it?
No, both of them are identical. The duplicate button is provided to you on the main bar, and you can do this faster by using the duplicate button than other ways of accomplishing the same task.

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