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The Examples directory contains a list of Sigma Magic example files. You can open an examples file using the Examples button. Main Menu


These example files can be used to see how a tool has been used for a given analysis. The example files usually have a problem worksheet describing the problem being addressed. It may also have a worksheet that stores any data required for the analysis. Finally, a solution tab contains the results of the analysis. The examples file is self-contained. All the data and options needed can be found within the examples workbook.

You can view the solution tab to understand how the Analysis Setup options were specified, how data was entered into the worksheet, and review what notes and graphs were generated for a given analysis. You can change any input and click on Compute Outputs to regenerate the analysis results. Open File
Search: Since there are a lot of example files, you may want to use some keywords to search for specific types of examples you are interested in. The software will filter the files using your keywords and only list those example files that meet this search criteria.
Example File: Select the Example file you want to open. Note that you can select only a single example file at a time. If you have made a wrong selection, click on the right file, and the previous one will be de-selected. If you double-click on a selection, that example file will be opened in a new window.
Help File: Click on the Help button to view the help content regarding this topic.
Cancel Button: Click the Cancel button to close this dialog box and not load any example file.
OK Button: Click on the OK button to open the selected example file. Note that this example can contain multiple worksheets, such as problem statements, data, and analysis sheets. This example file will be opened as a separate workbook, and these sheets will not be appended to your currently active workbook. If you need to, you can copy or move the sheets from the new workbook to your existing workbook.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, contact technical support.
Do you have descriptions of the problems used in the Examples directory?
The Examples directory contains the raw data and the analysis results.
Can I save the changes to the example tools?
Depending on your Sigma Magic software installation, the Examples folder may be read-only, and you cannot save any changes to the Examples folder. However, if you make any changes and want to save the file, click Save-As and change the directory to a location with write permissions.

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