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The Feedback menu can be used to provide feedback to the company on the Sigma Magic Software. To provide feedback, click on the Feedback button that is available on the main menu of the Sigma Magic toolbar. In addition, the software may periodically remind you to provide feedback if the user has not provided feedback in the past.

Submitting feedback on the software should take just a few minutes, as there are only two questions. We encourage all users to provide feedback. We would love your feedback on whether you are happy with the software. If you are dissatisfied with the software, we would also like to hear from you. We take your feedback very seriously and look into all issues brought to our notice to improve the software further.

The Feedback dialog box can be opened by clicking the Feedback button in the Miscellaneous menu on the main screen. main menu


An example screenshot of the Feedback menu is shown in the figure below. Feedback
Overall Rating: You can provide an overall rating for the software on a 10-point scale (0 being Poor and ten being Excellent). This rating should include your entire experience with the software, such as features, cost of ownership, bugs encountered, ease of use, etc. As a general guideline, use a rating of 8-10 if you are happy with the software, 6-7 if you are neutral (neither happy nor sad), and 0-5 if you are not happy with the software.
Comments: Enter brief comments that explain the rating score you have provided. If you have provided a higher rating, please explain your reason for providing a high rating. If you have provided a lower rating, please explain the reason for the low rating. Feedback comments are mandatory to better help us understand your rating.
Remind me later: Do note that if the software asks you for feedback, you can delay providing the feedback any number of times by clicking on "Remind me Later" button but the software may keep reminding you regularly. Hence, you can get rid of this by submitting the feedback. Note that once you provide your feedback for a given version of the software, it should not ask you again for feedback for that version.
Help: If you need help on how to submit feedback, you can click on the help button. The page that you are viewing now will be displayed.
Submit Feedback: You can click on the Submit Feedback button to submit your feedback to us. Note that you must be connected to the Internet to submit your feedback. In addition, you should have filled out both the rating and comments section before you can submit your feedback to us.
Please note that you can submit feedback to us at any time. We appreciate your feedback and taking the time to write to us.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please contact technical support.
Why I cannot submit a feedback message to the company?
You need to be registered to submit a feedback message. Complete your registration by clicking the Options button and validating your email address. Once you are registered, you may submit feedback messages to us. Based on your feedback, we may contact you at the email address you have provided if you request a resolution for any issues you are facing.

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