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Sigma Magic Help Version 17



The Help file can be used to describe the software functionality briefly. This should be the first place to look for information on using a specific tool or feature within the software. You could also get information from blogs, training materials, and videos on Sigma Magic software.

An example screenshot of the main menu bar is shown in the figure below. Help Window
Help Button: You can click on the Help button on the main menu bar to launch the help file. Note that this is not context-specific help; it opens the generic help file, and you must navigate to the topic of interest.
Help Window
Help Button: You can click on the Help button on any Analysis Setup dialog box to open the help file. Note that this will open the context-specific help for that tool.

You can also open the help file by clicking on your keyboard's F1 key.


The Help file contains brief information about the application that you are currently working with. The application is obtained from the currently active worksheet you are using. It includes information on how to add the tool, how to interpret results, and any frequently asked questions for that tool. An example screenshot of the Help menu is shown in the figure below. Help Window
Contents: You can use the Contents section to search for the specific topic that you are interested in. The help for that topic is displayed in the main window when clicking on the topic.
Index: The Index section contains a list of keywords. If you are looking for a specific keyword by topic, you can use the Index section to look for the help topic.
Search: You can use the Search bar to search for specific terms of interest to you, and the software will list all the help topics that contain these search terms.
Print: You can use the Print button to print out specific help file contents if you want to have a written record of the help file for offline reference.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.
Why do I get an error message when I click on the Help button?
If Microsoft Internet Explorer is not installed on your computer, you cannot view the help file.
How do I switch between the help file from offline viewing to online viewing?
You can view the help files either offline on your computer (without access to the Internet) or use the Internet to connect to our website and view the help content on our server. You can change this default option by clicking the Options menu button on the main menu bar.

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