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The New button can add a new workbook to Excel. It can be found under the Project group of menus on the main menu bar, as shown in the figure below. Main Menu


You can create a new project using the New menu button. A new workbook is added to Excel by clicking this button, and two worksheets or tabs are added by default. If you already have a workbook open, clicking this button may not open a new workbook, but add these two worksheets to your existing workbook. The first is the Data Sheet, where you can specify the data for your analysis, and the second is the Summary Sheet, which contains a summary of the analysis you have performed on this project. If a workbook is already open, the two tabs specified area will be added to your workbook if they don't exist.

Both of these worksheets (the summary sheet and the datasheet) are blank initially, and you will need to fill them in as you work on the project. The figure below shows an example of a new workbook. Main Menu


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.
Do I still have to use "New" to create a workbook if I have an existing workbook?
You could choose to open and work with an existing workbook. New analysis worksheets will just be appended to existing worksheets in the workbook. If you don't have an existing workbook and want to store all analyses related to your project, you can create a new workbook.
Can I create a new workbook using the Excel functionality to create new files?
You could also create a new workbook by using the Excel menu to create a workbook. However, ensure that the file you added has the proper extension. Make sure to use the Excel format (*.xlsx). You could use the macro-enabled format (*.xlsm), but it is best to avoid this format due to security issues, as this file may contain macros.
Should I create a new workbook for each new analysis I want to perform?
You can use a single workbook for all your analysis. It is better to store all the analyses you perform on one project in a single workbook so that all related analyses are stored together. Of course, it is your choice how you manage your project files. If you have a single workbook, each analysis could be stored on a different worksheet in this workbook.

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