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The Open button can be used to open existing Excel files. Click the Open button in the Manage Files menu. Main Menu


You can use the Open menu icon to open an existing workbook you have been working with before. This will open an existing workbook with Sigma Magic analysis already in it that you have worked on earlier, or it may be any other workbook with Excel data that you want to use for your project. You can use the Open menu to open both Excel (97-2003) workbooks and later versions. Open
Select Drive & Folder: Select the drive and the folder to open the workbook file. The software will open the default folder defined in your user profile. However, you can change the location by clicking the Options button and specifying the default folder location. Specify the folder location where you usually store your project files. Ensure that the folder you specify is not write-protected and, preferably, not on a shared drive since you may be unable to access these files if you are not connected to the Internet.
Open Button: Select the project file you are interested in on the right panel and then click on the Open button to open the project file. You can also open a project file by clicking on the Excel functionality using the File > Open buttons.
Cancel Button: Click on the Cancel button to cancel opening an existing project file.
Note that if you open an Excel 97-2003 workbook, you cannot add templates from Excel 2007 into it since the Excel 97-2003 workbook can only handle 65,536 rows and 256 columns, while later versions can handle more than that. If you have an older version of the Excel file (*.xls), you will need to convert it to the newer format (*.xlsx) before using the Sigma Magic software.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.
Sometimes, when I open an existing file, I don't see it on the screen
If the file you specified to open was already opened in the past, the software may appear to have not opened the file, and your file may just be behind other windows or in a minimized state. Check all the opened files on your computer to locate your workbook.
Do I still have to use "New" to create a workbook if I have data in an existing workbook?
You could choose to open that workbook and save results in that workbook. However, if you want to save just the data and analysis for your project, you may want to create a new workbook and then copy and paste data into this workbook so you are not carrying any extra data in your workbook.
What if I have macros in the other workbook that do not belong to Sigma Magic software?
You can enable the macros in the other book if you need the macro functionality. However, using a new workbook if you have macros is recommended to ensure there are no function naming convention issues.
Do I need to enable macros in my workbook?
Even though you can work with macro-enabled workbooks, we recommend that, for your safety, you save your work in non-macro-enabled workbooks (*.xlsx) rather than macro-enabled workbooks (*.xlsm).

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