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Registering Software

When you download and install the software, you must register it. You only need to do this once when you download a major release. This section deals with how to register your software.


Once you install the Sigma Magic software, open Excel. You should now see a menu for Sigma Magic software on your main toolbar. Click on the Sigma Magic button on the ribbon, and if you have not yet registered the software, this will open the Registration dialog box. An example of this dialog box is shown in the figure below. register menu
Name: Enter your name here. This field is optional, but we recommend that you at least provide your first name here. Your name will only be used to address you in any emails you receive from us.
Email: Enter a valid email address. This is a mandatory field. We will send all communication regarding your software to this address, such as your license keys, response to your error log requests, information on new releases, updates, etc. Note that the software will send you a confirmation email to validate your address, and you will need to enter the confirmation code from Sigma Magic to complete the registration.
Company: Enter the name of your company or university here. This field is optional. However, providing us with your company or university name will help us understand the types of users for our software.
Country: Enter your country here. This field is optional; we use this information to aggregate the number of users from each country.
Email Validation: When you enter a new email address, you will receive an 8-digit confirmation code that you must enter to validate your address. If you do not receive this email, check to make sure that you have correctly specified the email address. You can click on the button "Send me an email confirmation code" to resend the email. Once you enter the valid confirmation code, you will see a green checkbox next to it.

Check your junk mail folder if you have not received the email within a few minutes.

Marketing Info: Let us know if you want to hear from us when we have updates or new software releases. Note that our communication will only be for the Sigma Magic software. We don't share your email or other details with any companies.
Send E-mail Confirmation: When you enter a new email address for the first time or if you modify the email address, it is necessary to validate the email address. You can click this button to send or re-send the email confirmation code. To validate your email address, you must enter this code in the Confirmation Code section.
Help Button: If you need help with this dialog box, click the Help Button, which will display this page.
Register Button: When you have entered all the required information on the Registration page, click the Register button and initiate the registration process. Note that you must be connected to the Internet to Register your software.
The software will email you to confirm the email address once you click the OK button. This email contains your personalized validation code, which you must enter in the above screen to complete your registration process. A green checkmark will be placed next to the registration code if the registration code is valid.

Skip Registration

If you are in a hurry, you can skip the registration process and do it later. The following dialog box appears when you click on the Cancel button. register skip menu You can either click on the go back and register to access the previous menu and then complete the registration, or you can ask the software to remind you the next time you log in to the system or remind you in a week to register your copy of the software. Note that if you do not register your software, you cannot activate all its features. We highly recommend registering your copy of the software; it is free and helps you unlock all its features.

Contact the support desk at if you have problems registering your software. Note that license keys are not the same as registration codes. You must go through the standard user registration process and enter the license keys to activate the software functionality.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.
Why is registration required?
Registration helps us identify the software's users and enables us to communicate with you regarding the software license keys, upgrades, and bug fixes or to share important information about your software. Your email address is kept confidential and not shared with other parties per our privacy policy. Your interest is to provide a valid email address that you monitor regularly.
Why am I unable to register?
Registration requires Internet access as the registration details are stored on our server. You will need to enable Internet access to register your software.
Can I opt out of the email communication?
Yes, you can opt out of any promotional email you receive from us anytime. All you have to do is uncheck the box at the bottom of the registration form. You can also click the Unsubscribe button on any email you receive from us. You will stop receiving all communication except if you have initiated an email or communication request from your end, and we need to respond to your request.
Can I sign in to receive optional email communication?
To enable optional promotional emails from us, all you have to do is click on < robust>Options and then click on the Update button that can be found on the User tab, and then select the checkbox at the bottom of the form that says "Send me info on Sigma Magic products, offers, and services." Click on the Update button to notify you of your changes.

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