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The Rename button can be used to provide a better description of the analysis that is performed. Click on the Rename button within the Analysis menu on the main menu bar. Main Menu


You can use the Rename button to rename a tab in your Excel workbook and provide a brief description of the analysis performed. When a new analysis is added to your workbook, the default names are used. For example, if you are performing normality analysis, the first time you add a tool, it will be called Normality. The second time it will be called Normality (2), etc. However, this may not be very descriptive of the analysis being performed. You can rename these default values to something that is more meaningful for your project. For example, you can change the description to "Normality of the paint concentration before mixing". This can help you and others you share your project with to better understand the context of your analysis. A sample screenshot of the dialog box is shown below. Rename Menu
Rename Worksheet: Specify a new name for the currently active worksheet and then click on the OK button to rename the tab. Make sure that your name is less than 30 characters long. This is a limitation of Excel and cannot be changed by Sigma Magic. You can also rename a tab by right-clicking on the tab and selecting Rename.
Analysis Description: Describe the analysis performed in the currently active worksheet. This description is stored with the worksheet and used to update the Summary page. It can be a good reminder of your analysis done on this sheet. Ensure that the description is less than 1000 characters long. You cannot use double quotes in this description.
Worksheet Name Check: This check ensures that you have followed the proper naming conventions for the worksheet name and that the name is unique. If everything is good, you will see a green check mark.
Description Check: This check ensures that there are no errors in the analysis description. If everything is good, you will see a green check mark.
Click on OK to save changes or Cancel to exit without making any changes.


This section contains some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions about this module, please get in touch with technical support.
Do I have to use "Rename" to rename a worksheet?
The rename tab allows you to modify the default tab names Sigma Magic software selects to something more meaningful for your project. Note that there is a limit on how long a name you can use, and some special characters are not allowed. Keep it short, simple, but descriptive.
Do the analysis descriptions have to be unique?
Analysis descriptions do not have to be unique but we recommend that you provide a unique description of the analysis that you have performed on this worksheet so that you can easily recognize it when you look at the summary of all analysis worksheets.
Will renaming a tab lose its identity?
Sigma Magic does not rely on the tab name to identify its functionality, so you can rename it to anything that makes sense.
Is there a difference if I rename a tab by clicking on the Rename button or by right-clicking on the tab?
No, both of them are identical. The Rename tab does give you a visual indicator if you exceed the number of characters allowed.

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