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Sigma Magic Help Version 17

Using Software

Sigma Magic software contains several powerful and proven tools that can help transform your business. The figure below shows the main steps for using the software. Using Software

Download the Software

You will need to download the latest software version from our website. Ensure you download the software from our website and not from any third-party sites.

Install the Software

Install the software on your computer. This software requires Microsoft Excel and will appear as a menu option within Excel.

Register User

After you install the software, register yourself as a user of the software by filling out the registration form.

Install License Key

To use the software, you must enter a valid license key. All new users are provided with a free one-month trial.

Add Data

Sigma Magic requires data for analysis in tables. If you have any data for analysis, you will need to convert them into Excel tables. You can use the Data Editor functionality within Sigma Magic software to transform data into tables. This is usually a one-time activity undertaken at the beginning of a project. Data is stored in an Excel sheet called "Data Sheet" within each project file.

Tool Wizard

For each project, you must determine what analysis you would like to perform and then add the appropriate tool to your workbook.

Analysis Setup

Specify the options and or data required for each analysis in the Analysis Setup. Note that some analyses also require data to be entered on the worksheet.

Compute Outputs

Once all the analysis options and data for a given analysis are entered on the worksheet, you can click on Compute Outputs to generate analysis results.

Export Results

You can export the analysis results to Microsoft PowerPoint for your report and finalize your presentation.

Report Out

Make your recommendations to management, get approval, and deploy your recommended solutions. Since you have used a fact-based approach and powerful analysis tools, you can rest assured that you have done your best to facilitate a positive project outcome.

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