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Release History

This table shows the major release notes for each version. On an average, there is roughly one major release per year with several minor updates through the year. Feel free to contact us if there is specific functionality you are looking for or if you encounter any problems with the software.
VERSION 16.3.8
Released on 8 Jun 2023
FeatureRegisterAllow user to update name and email address when registering using the registration code.
FeatureDOEGenerate both single and multiple charts when running General Factorial DOE.
Bug FixDOEThe dots were not very clear and small in size, so we added a dark background to these dots.
Bug FixDOEIssue with 2-level factorial designs when the number of center points is greater than number of factors has been fixed.
VERSION 16.3.7
Released on 18 May 2023
Bug FixCapability AnalysisObserved DPMO fix for points lying on boundary.
Bug FixDOEIssue with not reporting the right error messages for RSM text factors.
Bug FixSeveralForce showing SM error dialog boxes instead of native dialog boxes.
VERSION 16.3.6
Released on 18 Mar 2023
FeatureMonte CarloAbility to move input/output/function cells after having created the model on the worksheet.
FeatureMonte CarloAdditional distributions added: Chi-Squared, F, Student's t, Pert.
FeatureMonte CarloAbility to use ALT functions to determine distribution parameters from percentiles.
FeatureMonte CarloAbility to enter user defined distributions using cell references so we can enter arbitrary distributions for inputs.
FeatureMonte CarloAbility to capture and save screenshots for dynamic charts created within Monte Carlo simulations.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdated algorithms to improve speed of saving simulation data back to the worksheet by a factor of 10.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdated error checks and enabled software to run the simulation even if outputs are not defined.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdated layout of model settings and optimization dialog boxes to the new format.
FeatureMonte CarloAbility to run simulations without specifying number of iterations but by specifing tolerances to be achieved.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdated the color coding for optimization charts (red when constraints are not met).
FeatureDistr. IdentificationUpdated the curve fitting algorithm to use information from the tails rather than central values to improve fits.
FeatureMSAAdded the Confidence interval limits to % Match plot for attribute MSA
Bug FixMonte CarloUpdated dynamic charts to use variable array lengths between different simulations.
Bug FixMonte CarloUpdated algorithm to report central tendency values when parameters are updated on the distribution.
Bug FixMonte CarloAbility to enter distribution names of worksheet that are not case sensitive anymore.
Bug FixType 1 Gage StudyIssue with writing Gage study results to worksheet for non US format (decimal notation).
Bug FixControl ChartsIssue with correctly reading in historical parameters for discrete defective charts.
Bug FixMSAIssue with having more than 40 items or 10 appraisers for attribute MSA.
VERSION 16.2.3
Released on 4 Feb 2023
Bug FixRegressionPrediction model was updated for more generic variable names.
Bug FixRegressionRegression model was having an issue for computing VIF factors for data sizes greater than 30,000 rows.
Bug FixOptimizationOptimization model was updated for more generic variable names.
Bug FixKanbanKanban objective was incorrectly stated and has been updated.
VERSION 16.2.1
Released on 7 Dec 2022
FeatureAll TemplatesCompute Outputs will not close the dialog box if there are input errors.
Bug FixGage LinearityError with more than 10 replicates is now fixed.
Bug FixFMEAIssue with not loading the AIAG templates (Standard) is fixed.
Bug FixOptimizationUpdated the optimization template as the default values were not correctly stored.
Bug FixCheck SheetsThe formatting of the worksheet when there are Operator/Time variables changes was not being correctly shown.
Bug FixSolution SelectionThe AHP settings were not being correctly saved - this has now been fixed.
VERSION 16.1.0
Released on 29 Sep 2022
FeaturePareto ChartAdded the By Variable analysis for creation of Pareto charts.
FeatureControl ChartsFor control charts only show those special case tests as applicable.
FeatureSeveralUse of Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple rows of data for data selection.
Bug FixScatter PlotSearch functionality was not correctly working for data selection.
Bug FixNormality TestMultiple group reports were not showing correctly (were hidden).
Bug FixProb. CalcClarified the zone for which the probability numbers were calculated (<= vs. <)
VERSION 16.0.0
Released on 31 Jul 2022
FeatureSeveralAuto adjust the width of the table to display text for notes.
FeatureSeveralHide the Analyze button for Compute Outputs until ready for execution.
FeatureGenericUpdated internal algorithm to handle concatenation of variables.
FeatureGenericSimplified the handling of debug & production versions.
Bug FixRegressionUpdated the regression equation to properly show negative coefficients.
Bug FixFMEAAdd the X and Y labels for the FMEA chart.
Bug FixBox PlotUpdated algorithm for subtitles, it was showing N:0.
Bug FixMarginal PlotAnalysis setup was showing an error message for Marginal plot.
Bug FixGenericUpdated order of file closure to avoid error during partial closures.
Bug FixDOEManual updation of terms to add & remove was improved.
Bug FixRun ChartConclusion for Run Chart was getting split into multiple columns.
VERSION 15.6.243
Released on 29 May 2022
FeatureDOEBlocks were not being removed from the final model if they were not significant under Auto setting.
Bug FixDOECenter points were not showing in the right place for text factors.
Bug FixDOEReplicates were not showing up properly for RSM create design.
Bug FixDOEAnalysis of the RSM & GF designs with blocks resulted in an error message.
VERSION 15.6.240
Released on 23 May 2022
FeatureDOEAdded capability to block on block generator rather than just replicates.
FeatureGage R&RAdded standard deviation values in the analysis reports in the notes window for continuous MSA.
FeatureGage R&RUpdate the chart titles with optional gage name, user name, and date if available.
FeatureGage R&RSuppress performing the analysis for tolerance if only LSL or USL is specified.
FeatureTransform DataDisplay the equations being used to transform the data.
FeatureGage R&R, DOE, RegressionReformat the notes output and add the totals row at the bottom of ANOVA table.
FeatureGage R&RWhen creating a new design, auto adjust the column width to fit the data first time.
Bug FixAll AnalyticsFor international versions, error messages were not reported since they were not in English.
Bug FixCompare SamplesFor assumption checks for 2-sample t test, the alternative hypothesis was not being set correctly.
Bug FixDOEFor custom designs (not created by SM), the design from worksheet was not being read properly.
VERSION 15.6.226
Released on 15 May 2022
FeatureANOVADisplay the assumption checks for ANOVA comparison of variances.
FeatureCompare SamplesDisplay the assumptions checks for 2-sample t test comparison of variances.
FeatureGage LinearityReport the confidence interval values for the bias values.
FeatureGage R&RDiscrete MSA should be able to be performed with one appraiser. Currently, requires at least 2 appraisers.
FeatureGage R&RIncrease the number of trails available for analysis to 10. Currently, only a max of 5 trials can be analyzed.
FeatureGage R&RIncrease the number of appraisers to 20. Currently, only a max of 10 appraisers can be analyzed.
FeatureProcess CapabilityReport the percentage values for defective process capability (right now it is not selectable).
Bug FixControl ChartsFor Xbar-R chart for the data type of raw data, it was reporting error in verify if sample size was set to 1.
Bug FixGage LinearityThe average value reported in the subtitle was incorrect on the chart (reported correctly on the notes page).
Bug FixGage LinearityWhen random was turned on for creating design, the CI plots were not showing correctly.
Bug FixNormality TestThe normality test was reporting an error when there were more than 5 groups in the data.
VERSION 15.6.216
Released on 30 Apr 2022
FeatureGenericModify the height of the message box as the close button is near the bottom.
Bug FixC&E DiagramInternational version is reporting an error message due to auto type casting issue.
VERSION 15.6.212
Released on 20 Apr 2022
FeatureGage R&RMove the disagreement analysis table from Nominal data to Ordinal data.
Bug FixMonte CarloThe algorithm slows down after repeated iterations only close/open speeds it up.
Bug FixRandom NumbersThe international version is showing an error for generating random numbers.
Bug FixGenericError 5 being reported when trying to update program to latest version for the international edition.
VERSION 15.1.0
Released on 24 Nov 2021
FeatureAllSimplified and standardized user interface.
FeatureAllUse of graphical tool wizard for selection of tools & templates.
FeatureAllUpdated format for outputs including graphs & notes.
FeatureProject ChecklistAdded a high-level project checklist for monitoring project status.
FeatureAllAdded the duplicate feature for performing what-if analysis.
FeatureBar ChartAdded the capability to perform 3d bar charts.
FeatureGraphsAbility to modify graph captions, labels, axis, add lines on charts.
FeatureFMEAAdded an additional template for FMEA analysis.
FeatureGR&RAdded the computation of false positives & false negatives.
FeatureOptimizationAbility to copy and paste equations into the optimizer.
FeatureDOEUpdated model reduction algorithm.
FeatureRegressionAbility to manually update the regression model.
FeatureSample SizeCalculation of the sample size for additional comparisons.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 14.2.70
Released on 31 Dec 2020
FeatureAllAbility to modify the color themes.
FeatureAllUse of data in tables format.
FeatureAllHandling of missing rows in input data.
FeatureAllImproved help feature.
FeatureAllImproved options specification for analysis.
FeatureAnalyticsAbility to edit programs that are used for analytics.
FeatureBasic ChartsAddition of the template for basic charts using R.
FeatureHeat MapAdded an additional template for drawing the heat map.
FeatureMarginal PlotAdded an additional template for creation of marginal plot using R.
FeatureNetwork PlotAdded an additional template for creation of network plot using R.
FeatureScatter MatrixAdded an additional template for creation of scatter matrix using R.
FeatureTree MapAdded an additional template for creation of tree map using R.
FeatureWord CloudAdded an additional template for creation of word colud using R.
FeatureStandard WorkAdded an additional template for creation of standard work.
FeatureIs-Is Not AnalysisAdded an additional template for creation of Is-Is Not analysis.
FeatureKano AnalysisUpdated the algorithm to perform Kano analysis based on survey data.
FeatureMulti-VotingAdded an additional template for creation of word colud using R.
FeatureVOC TableAdded an additional template for creation of word colud using R.
FeatureCapability AnalysisAdded the capability to perform observed capability analysis.
FeatureMSAAdded the capability to perform nested analysis for Gage R&R.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdated the monte carlo algorithm to perform optimization.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 12.3.64
Released on 25 Sep 2019
FeatureAboutUpdated information in the about dialog box with version details.
FeatureLicensesAutomated the issuing of temporary licenses from registration tab.
FeaturePasteAbility to copy and paste data onto the worksheet.
FeatureRegisterAutomated email validation from within the application.
FeatureFeedbackAbility to submit feedback from within the application.
FeatureMenusUpdated the menu structure with 6 modules and alphabetical listing.
FeatureSeveralAdded ability to visually view the flowchart logic - regression, DOE, MSA, Capability Analysis, Correlation, etc.
FeatureGeneralUse of initialization file to setup custom menus.
FeatureGeneralAbility to have multiple languages for the main menus.
FeatureCheck SheetsAdded an additional template for creation of check sheets.
FeatureSample from ColumnsAdded an additional template for sampling from columns.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdated the algorithm for monte carlo simulation random number generation.
FeatureVisualizationAdded the ability to visualize the data in real-time on the userform (Data Form).
FeatureStandard WorkAdded an additional template for creation of standard work.
FeatureOptimizationAdded an additional template for optimization of functions with constraints.
FeatureANOMAdded the ability to perform Analysis of Means (ANOM) for compare samples.
FeatureNormality TestAdded the ability to perform normality test using Shapiro-Wilk statistic.
FeatureControl ChartsAdded the ability to add annotation to control charts.
FeatureVSMUpdated the algorithm to specify data and analysis of Value Stream Maps (VSM).
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 11.3.0
Released on 27 Jan 2019
FeatureSMED AnalysisUpdated the algorithm for SMED analysis (better outputs).
FeatureDOEAdded General Factorial Design and Response Surface Methodologies.
FeatureOptimizationAbility to optimize functions using solver.
FeatureCompare SamplesAdded ability to perform Run Tests within Compare Samples.
FeatureRegressionAdded ability to perform VIF analysis within Regressions and DOE.
FeatureBasic StatsUpdated the algorithms for basic statistics.
FeatureFMEA Added the new AIAG standard template for FMEA.
FeatureCompare SamplesUpdated the graphs to show hypothesized P plots.
FeatureMonte CarloAdded the ability to enter correlation between inputs for Monte Carlo analysis.
FeatureTaguchi AnalysisAdded an additional template for creation and analysis of Taguchi analysis.
FeatureNormality TestUpdated the analysis for normality tests with confidence intervals.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 10.5.7
Released on 19 Nov 2018
FeatureSpaghetti ChartUpdated the algorithm for spaghetti chart with multiple resources.
FeatureValue Stream MapsUpdated the algorithm for VSM with publication of key metrics.
FeatureC&E DiagramUpdated the user interface and algorithm for C&E diagram.
FeatureFault Tree AnalysisAdded ability to perform Fault Tree analysis.
FeatureProcess MapUpdated the analysis of process maps with optional checks.
FeatureRelationship DiagramUpdated the analysis for relationship diagrams.
FeatureGANTT ChartUpdated the GANTT chart algorithm.
FeatureLicense ManagerMoved the license manager back to the older way of working (Not using Lime anymore).
FeatureProbability PlotAdded the ability to create P-P and Q-Q plots within this analysis.
FeatureOptionsAbility to auto select optional group columns by default for the analysis.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 10.2.0
Released on 7 Apr 2018
FeaturePareto ChartUpdated the algorithm for Pareto chart analysis.
FeatureCapability AnalysisUpdated the algorithm for Process Capability analysis.
FeatureControl ChartsUpdated the algorithm for Control Charts.
FeatureTaguchi DesignUpdated the algorithm for Taguchi analysis.
FeatureLicense ManagerUpdated the license manager to use a newer algorithm (Lime).
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 10.1.8
Released on 28 Jan 2018
FeaturePre-Process DataAdded a new template to pre-process data for analysis using R.
FeatureKNN AnalysisAdded a new template to perform KNN analysis using R.
FeatureNaive BayesAdded a new template to perform Naive Bayes analysis using R.
FeatureNeural NetworksAdded a new template to perform Neural Network analysis using R.
FeatureRandom ForestAdded a new template to perform Random Forest analysis using R.
FeatureXGBoost AnalysisAdded a new template to perform XGBoost analysis using R.
FeatureChange CurveAdded a new template to perform Change Curve analysis.
FeatureCoaching ModelAdded a new template to perform Coaching Model analysis.
FeatureCulture MapAdded a new template to perform Culture Map analysis.
FeatureMission and VisionAdded a new template to perform Mission and Vision analysis.
FeaturePEST AnalysisAdded a new template to perform PEST analysis.
FeatureSustaining ChangeAdded a new template to perform Sustaining Change analysis.
FeatureSWOT AnalysisAdded a new template to perform SWOT analysis.
FeatureTeam RolesAdded a new template to perform Team Roles analysis.
Feature30-60-90 AnalysisAdded a new template to perform 30-60-90 analysis.
FeatureHoshin AnalysisAdded a new template to perform Hoshin analysis.
FeatureKanban AnalysisAdded a new template to perform Kanban analysis.
FeatureLeader Standard WorkAdded a new template to perform Leader Standard Work analysis.
FeatureOne Point LessonAdded a new template to perform OPL analysis.
FeatureTrue NorthAdded a new template to perform True North analysis.
FeatureWaste AnalysisAdded a new template to perform Waste analysis.
FeatureFault TreeAdded a new template to perform Fault Tree analysis.
FeatureGANTT ChartAdded a new template to perform GANTT Chart analysis.
FeatureMeeting MinutesAdded a new template to perform Meeting Minutes analysis.
FeatureTRIZ SolutionsAdded a new template to perform TRIZ analysis.
FeatureStack & Unstack ColumnsAdded a new template to stack and unstack columns.
FeatureCorrelation AnalysisAdded a new template to perform correlation analysis.
FeatureDOE AnalysisUpdated the algorithm for DOE analysis.
FeatureTaguchi AnalysisUpdated the algorithm for Taguchi analysis.
FeatureMonte CarloUpdate the algorithm for Monte Carlo simulation.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 9.4.50
Released on 7 Jul 2017
FeatureCorrespondence AnalysisAdded a new template for Correspondence analysis using R.
FeatureCluster AnalysisAdded a new template for Cluster analysis using R.
FeatureFactor AnalysisAdded a new template for Factor analysis using R.
FeatureDiscriminant AnalysisAdded a new template for Discriminant analysis using R.
FeatureDecision TreesAdded a new template for Decision trees using R.
FeatureGeneralized Linear ModelsAdded a new template for GLM using R.
FeatureCapability AnalysisUpdated algorithm for Cp/Cpk for non-normal data.
FeatureDistribution IdentificationUpdated the distribution identification algorithms.
FeatureAllUse of tabular data for notes output.
FeatureSeveralUpdated the template layout. Can now handle 1M rows (vs. 65,000 earlier).
FeatureGenericOption to hide the input area on the worksheet.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 8.4.140
Released on 14 Jun 2016
FeatureMatrix PlotAdded a new template for Matrix Plot analysis.
FeatureRelationship DiagramAdded a new template for Relationship Diagram analysis.
FeatureWaterfall ChartAdded a new template for Waterfall Chart analysis.
FeatureSpaghetti DiagramUpdated the algorithm for Spaghetti analysis.
FeatureLean Maturity MatrixAdded a new template for Lean Maturity Matrix assessment.
FeatureChange AuditAdded a new template for Change Audit analysis.
FeatureChange Impact AssessmentAdded a new template for Change Impact analysis.
FeatureBalanced ScorecardAdded a new template for Balanced Scorecard analysis.
FeatureRACI ChartAdded a new template for RACI chart analysis.
FeatureRegressionUpdated analysis to handle binary logistic regression.
FeatureOptionsAdded the proxy setting to options.
FeatureCapability AnalysisAdded the Box-Cox transformation for process capability analysis.
FeatureHistogramUpdated the histogram algorithm for bin sizes.
FeatureAllUpdated the algorithm for determining the proper size of graphs.
FeatureDistribution IdentificationUpdated the algorithm for Weibull and Triangular analysis.
Feature5 Why AnalysisUpdate the algorithm for 5 Why analysis.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
Released on 9 Aug 2015
FeatureControl ChartsAdded new algorithm to handle Laney U' and P' control charts.
FeatureTaguchi AnalysisAdded new template for Taguchi analysis.
FeatureAllRenamed the headers for all the templates to match menus.
FeatureAllHelp files were not being displayed correctly.
FeatureAllUpdated the dialog box for each of the analysis.
FeatureOptionsUpdated the options dialog box.
FeatureC&E DiagramUpdated the algorithm for fishbone analysis.
FeatureDOEUpdated the DOE charts to use uncoded variables.
FeatureSeveralAdded ability to highlight key rows on the worksheet.
FeatureAllUpdated the code clarity with smart variable names.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
Released on 3 Nov 2014
FeatureGenericSoftware Wizard introduced to help users with selection of templates.
FeatureContour PlotAdded the contour & surface plot templates.
FeatureMulti-Vari ChartAdded the Multi-Vari chart functionality.
FeatureTime Series AnalysisAdded ability to perform Trend/Seasonality analysis and Holt-Winter models.
FeatureCompare SamplesAdded ability to perform 1-sample defects and 2-sample defects comparisons.
FeatureTime Series AnalysisAdded ability to perform MA and EWMA analysis.
FeatureCompare SamplesUpdated algorithm to handle array size for Chi-Square tests.
FeatureRegression AnalysisHandle missing data check for regression analysis.
FeatureGenericAbility to work with both .xls and .xlsm files with Auto option setting.
FeatureGenericUpdated status error messages.
FeatureGenericUse of icons to handle correct or incorrect analysis.
FeatureGenericOption to hide columns that are not being used.
FeatureGenericIncorporated unit and integration testing in the package.
FeatureGenericAdded conclusion for graphs.
FeatureGenericReviewed the code to ensure speed-up of analysis as much as possible.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
VERSION 5.0.54
Released on 14 Oct 2013
FeatureProject FilterAbility to handle multiple project selection.
FeatureControl ChartsAbility to handle multiple stages.
FeatureGenericAbility to change colors on the worksheet.
FeatureTime Series AnalysisAdded Time Series analysis template.
FeatureIndividual Value PlotAdded new template to handle Individual Value plots.
FeatureInterval PlotAdded new template to handle Interval plots.
FeatureGenericClear working area for graphs.
FeatureGenericBrand logo clearly placed which houses JSON data.
FeatureGenericAbility to handle unlimited rows & groups.
FeatureGenericUse of table format for outputs.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
Released on 1 Jan 2013
FeatureTransform DataAbility to perform Johnson Transformation of the given data set.
FeatureBar ChartAdded new template to perform bar chart analysis.
FeaturePie ChartAdded new template to perform pie chart analysis.
FeatureVSM, Process Map, C&E DiagramAdded ability to pick icons for VSM, Process Map, C&E Diagram.
FeatureBar ChartAdded new template to perform bar chart analysis.
FeatureProject FilterAdded ability to select weights for project filter analysis.
FeatureSample SizeFixed the smoothness of sample size curves.
FeatureFeedbackAdded ability to provide feedback from within the application.
FeatureRegisterAdded ability to skip updates for certain versions.
FeatureProbabilityUpdated algorithm for triangular distribution.
FeatureLicense ManagerUpdated the algorithm to properly handle expired licenses.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
Released on 26 Jul 2012
FeatureProbability CalcAdded 23 total distributions for this analysis.
FeatureControl ChartsAdded ability to report out of control values. Fixed before/after split.
FeatureRun ChartAdded new template to perform run chart analysis.
FeatureVSM, Process Map, C&E DiagramAdded ability to pick icons for VSM, Process Map, C&E Diagram.
FeatureRegisterAuto copy of registration keys from old to new version.
FeatureGenericFixed issue of software compiled on 2010 to work on 2007 version.
FeatureGenericAdded the ability to perform version control of templates.
FeatureGenericFixed issue of opening of software in 64-bit versions of the OS.
FeatureGenericAdded ability to export results from Excel to Power Point.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
Released on 06 Dec 2011
FeatureRegisterAdded registration functionality for new users.
FeatureGenericAdded ability to auto update the software versions.
FeatureGenericAdded hash codes to check integrity of software downloads.
FeatureSeveralAdded new templates for DFSS and Lean (such as OEE, A3, SMED).
FeatureHelpMapped the help to the F1 function key.
FeatureMonte CarloAdded a new template for Monte Carlo simulations.
FeatureSeveralStandardize the location of cancel and OK buttons.
FeatureGenericAbility to view helps both offline and online.
FeatureGenericAbility to work with software when both offline and online.
FeatureGenericEliminated Microsoft .NET framework as some users were facing issues with this.
Bug FixAllSeveral minor bug fixes.
Released on 01 Jul 2011
FeatureSeveralFirst release of the software.